Raised in Montreal, Elizabeth is a commercial illustrator with a passion for art deco, costume design and the classic arts.
Before focusing on a career in illustration, she began with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at ST.FXU, which allowed her to explore electives in painting, computer  programming and pursue Business Studies in France at Lille's IESEG her junior year. Surrounded by beautiful french architecture, all she was wont to do was draw in her sketch book.  It was that year traveling in Europe that ignited her conviction to pursue a career as an artist.
Upon returning to Canada, she moved to the West Coast to study fine art at the acclaimed Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver. It was in Vancouver, where she also met her husband, Johnny Borchert, a programmer. With the advent of smartphones, they began designing and developing apps and games together. 
Following the success of their indie game, Big Top Ballet, Big Top Ballet Inc. was founded May 13, 2013 with a relocation to NYC in 2018. Between commercial illustration projects, she works on game art and Unity 3D game development launching two additional game titles, Slide Gravity Paradox and Mission Disarm.  
Operating under Elizabeth Boylan Ltd. she keeps a home studio in the Yaletown district of Vancouver British Columbia. Elizabeth's illustrative process begins either from a pencil drawing or a scene that she creates in Maya or Unity 3D. These are then reworked in Photoshop as digital illustrations. 
Contact her for an illustrative project for editorial, book/ magazine covers and advertising. 

Skills: Drawing, Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya 3D, Unity 3D Game Development.