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Get the ArtCards by Elizabeth Boylan for iPhone and iPod touch ! Custom ArtCards for greetings, invitations or announcements that can be shared via email, iMessage, Facebook, Twitter or saved as Wall paper for your iOS device!

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bio_elizabethboylanBorn and raised in french speaking Montréal, Québec, it was a love for snowboarding glaciers, that brought me out west where I met my husband and programmer, John Borchert. Always longing to enter the game industry, I attended Emily Carr University of Art and Design while pursuing web development and motherhood.

My creativity and business acumen draws from a varied background of visual arts, graphic design, live performance, business studies at IÉSEG in Lille, France, computer programming and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from St. Francis Xavier University .

Inspired by our daughter, my husband and I developed Sara’s Ladybugs, an Early Childhood Education game for Ages 3-6 in 2010 under Vectorbloom mobile firm. Based on prior work with greeting cards we released the ArtCards by Elizabeth Boylan Ecard App for iPhone and commercialized the Mobile Greetings App Starter Kit for the Stationery Industry in 2011, then open sourced the project in late 2012.

Over the past year Vectorbloom’s team has been engrossed in the multi-platform game development of our hit title Big Top Ballet, a ‘trippy’ multi-player game with a focus on ‘cirque’ inspired art and electronic music by the very talented DJ ill-esha. In early 2013, we decided to found Big Top Ballet Inc. the company to further scale and market the title, where I am now acting as the Chief Creative Officer.

Big Top Ballet the game is now available for Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and Facebook . Beyond work my favorite past times are playing tennis, chess, swimming and snowboarding.

Big Top Ballet

As the Creative Director and Lead Game Artist for Big Top Ballet, Elizabeth focuses her imagination on making this unique game title a magical inspiration for gamers.  To learn more visit BigTopBallet.com or play the game on:

Game Art & Game Design by Elizabeth Boylan

Sara’s Ladybugs

The Right Brain Counting Game!  Sara’s Ladybugs is a simple counting game for children ages 3-6 years with interactive touch. Designed and illustrated by a mum with a sensitivity to early child hood education. Touch the screen and move numbers around while learning to count these cute little ladybugs! Gentle wind pipes provide feedback with sequential notes. Sara’s Ladybugs teaches counting in a way to introduce the toddler to the math of music while stimulating the right brain without over stimulus to the early developing mind.

Illustration by Elizabeth Boylan



artcard1Have you ever considered the impact custom digital art would have on promoting your brand?

More than ever a business or individual’s credibility is measured by their on-line presence and brand identity, much of which is increasingly reliant on beautiful graphics.

Perception creates reality and it is often mirrored both ways. How people perceive you and how you perceive yourself has a direct impact on your potential and success. This is where illustration and digital art can make a big difference.


To assist, I’m available for custom illustration and graphic design to make your brand stand out on-line and in print. From drawing to Photoshop to 3D Maya animation, my goal is to achieve beauty in visual excellence. Follow my Behance.net profile or BigTopBallet on Instagram to see new work I create.

To request a quote for custom Ads, Social Media Cover Art and editorial, email: elizabeth {AT} bigtopballet {DOT} com.

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